David Brown - Graduated May, 2017

Web Development and Database Administration

Phone: (414)-331-9806 | Email: dab0304@gmail.com | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dab0304/

About Me AKA Cover Letter

I have often read that a cover letter is where you enphasize your skills related to the job you are applying to and to explain lapses in employment. And so, I will do that here.


Lapses in employment:

The only real lapse in employment was from July 2014 - October 2014. I worked a few jobs, but they aren't currently relavent to anything I am doing now. We moved from Colorado back to Wisconsin and a job that I had fell through upon arrival. Any other time has been spent in school, volunteering, and working short term jobs.

Skills set: Programming

I have so many skills at this point and yet no great amount of programming experience. I honestly just want to start working so that I can learn and focus on a few for the being.

Skills set: Non-Programming

I have been working or in school almost non-stop since I was nineteen(19). Since high school, I tried finding something working entry level jobs. When I lost hours while working security at a Target, my father found me a position as a Lubrication Technician at the Falk corporation. I worked at Falk for two years, but I wanted to serve my country. I entered the United States Army where I served four(4) years and five(5) months before being honorably discharged and entering the United States Army Reserve. There I served another seventeen(17) months before being honorably discharged again. During my time in the army, I was a truck driver, officer's combat chalet, cook, inventory specialist, squad leader, group leader, clerk, security, driver trainer, marksman, and baker.

Since the military, I have been an electro-mechanical assembly technician(while finishing my associate degree), electronic technician(with associate degree), electrician, and taxi driver. It was during my time as an electronic technician that I started to think about going back to school for computer science, but life happened. We became pregnant with our first child and we decided that it would be best to move back to Wisconsin so that we would have family support rather than stay in Colorado where we had nothing. At first, I had a job waiting, but upon arriving, the job fell through. I worked what jobs I could find at the time and then became a driver for Lyft and Uber. While driving some college students around, we struck up a conversation and I decided to go back and attend school. I had Montgomery GI Bill left over and the state of Wisconsin has a GI Bill of their own. I originally was going to go for computer science but was told by a friend that Information Technology was where to go. I fell in love with it from the start and have done whatever jobs I could in order to get what experience I could.